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My boss has ordered me to “Write a bio for the website, and don’t copy and paste Cordell’s this time!” … so…. I guess I’ll just give you a few bullet points about myself:

  •  I grew up in London, Ontario and attended Fanshawe College for Radio Broadcasting… and they promptly kicked me out. Yep, I am technically a college drop out!
  • My goal in life is to have Taylor Swift write a song about me. Even if it’s an angry he-broke-my-heart type song, I’D BE FAMOUS!
  • I live on a steady diet of pizza and chicken wings.
  • I am obsessed with hockey and country music
  • If Carrie Underwood ever breaks up with Mike Fisher… I’m totally going for it.

Other than that, I love hanging out on the radio, and playing country music every afternoon. Hopefully I can make your drive home a LITTLE less painful!


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For years Reba and her now ex-husband lived together in her Nashville farm home looking out onto Old Hickory Lake, however, after the marriage broke down the both moved on. This week the mansion was sold for five million dollars, and we have the pictures! It boasts 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a eight car garage, stalls...

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There I was, upside down, in a kayak, underwater. I reached forward for the handle on the kayak skirt and gave it a good yank. It released me and the water pushed me out of my vessel as it flooded in. I then floated to the service and grabbed onto my capsized boat. This might...

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Break Dancing Gorilla Goes Viral

June 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

Zola, at the Dallas Zoo, has gone viral after staff filmed her frolicking in the water...

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Last week it was announced that Last Man Standing, staring Tim Allen, will be cancelled at the end of this season.  The show received high ratings, and has a dedicated fan base – a fan base so dedicated they have started a petition to get the show revived! Click the picture below to sign the...

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Alan Jackson’s mansion in Georgia is up for sale, and it could be yours for a measly 6.4 Million Dollars! Its a lake front house boasting five bedrooms, six full baths, three half baths, and almost eight thousand square feet! CLICK HERE to see the listing, including all the pics!    ...

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