A Houston Man Is Being Forced to Change His Plate. Can You See Why?

Published On April 13, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

A Houston man, who has had his license plate for three years, is now being told to hand it over or face suspension. Can you see why? If not, read on…

Texas has deemed the plate, exactly the same as the Virginia plate above, is NOT acceptable, telling him by letter that “the personalization is offensive.” The basis for revoking a plate is if it positively answers this question: “Would it invoke a response from other drivers that would be driving past that vehicle.”

The owner argues his plate does NOT.

He’ll be refunded if he picks a new plate within 30 days.

If you still can’t figure out why the state considers the plate offensive, look at it upside down.

What do you think?

Is this plate offensive enough to be revoked?

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