Another Woman With a Disability Gets a Mean Note

Published On April 14, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

This time, in Nova Scotia, of all places. Read on…

Recently, I told you about a disabled woman in the US who received a mean-spirited note on her car.

Now, it’s happened again, this time in Nova Scotia. It’s a bit different this time around. To be fair, I’d like to believe the person responsible for passing judgement was actually just trying to be helpful and protect the handicap parking space in question for the people who actually need it.

Unfortunately, the person they accused of illegally parking in the spot, actually DOES have a claim to use it!

Natasha Hope-Simpson of Nova Scotia lost part of her left leg in an accident and has a province issued accessible parking permit. But that didn’t stop a mystery person from writing her a nasty note accusing her of faking it.

The note claims they have video evidence of Natasha faking it and threatens to call the police next time.



But get this…

Rather than be upset about it, she says she’s flattered, since she’s been working really hard to hide any limp and appear to walk naturally. The note means she’s succeeding!

Great attitude, Natasha!


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