Family Caught Driving with Baby Held in Front Seat

Published On April 2, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

A dangerous, ticketable offense, right? But two Michigan police officers are being praised for doing something instead of issuing a citation. Read on….

After a witness reported a a car driving away from a McDonalds with a woman holding a baby in the front seat, two Michigan police officers tracked the car down and pulled it over. Talking to the mom and dad, they discovered the family was in a tough situation financially and couldn’t afford a car seat and had no family, friends or co-workers to turn to. Instead of issuing a citation, one officer ran to a nearby Walmart and bought the family a brand new car seat with his own money and the grateful family went on their way.

Normally, I LOVE these kinds of stories. And it was a great gesture by two caring law enforcers.

And yet, while this is a great feel good story in one regard, I still have this gnawing feeling that there still should have been some sort of reprimand. I mean, truly, my heart goes out to the family. But putting a child in a dangerous situation is still putting a child in a dangerous situation, isn’t it?

Surely there must have been safer option. Am I wrong? Comment below!

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