MLB Starts This Weekend

Published On April 2, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

See who MLB players are picking to win the World Series, and Facebook’s analysis of where fans of each team are located. Interesting results for the Tigers and Jays…

The MLB regular season gets underway this weekend!

A poll of major league players has 30% picking the Washington Nationals as the team to beat for World Series glory. Also, 41% said Bryce Harper is the game’s most overrated player. 61% believe Mike Trout is the best player in the sport.
Only 29% of players say they’re unhappy to see Alex Rodriguez back on the field after his steroids-related suspension.
Speaking of which, major league players believe about 10% of their fellow players are still taking performance-enhancing drugs and just haven’t been caught.


Facebook did something interesting. Facebook analyzed Likes on its website to determine where the most fans of each team live.


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Based on their research, there are huge pockets of Yankees fans all across the US. Most states have a notable pocket of Yankees fans. The Braves and then the Red Sox are next up in fans that extend into multiple states.

Both the Braves and Yankees appear to each have more fans in Florida than the two Florida teams combined. The Tampa Rays are the favourite home-state team by far.

If you squint really hard, you can see the Kanas City Royals fan. The smallest fan base. And the Astros seem to be limited to a tiny little pocket of dominance in northern Texas.

As for our local fan favourites…

It appears a quarter of Wisconsin, home-state of the Brewers, are Detroit Tigers fans. The Tigers edge out the Jays in Windsor-Essex. And that’s notable, because…

The Blue Jays own virtually all of Canada, and even notable pockets of fans in Montanna and North Dakota. Besides Windsor-Essex, there is one other exception to Blue Jays dominance in Canada. It appears the most populated parts of Quebec, not surprisingly, would rather cheer for the Red Sox or Yankees than a team from Toronto (or possibly anywhere else in Canada).

Which of the two favourite teams locally has the best chance of making the playoffs this year?

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