Mother and Daughter Reunited After 49 years

Published On April 15, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

A mother, who was told by the hospital that her baby had died, was reunited with her 49 years later. This is a complex story and very moving video. Check it out.

In a nutshell, two babies were confused at birth. One died tragically, but the wrong mother was told. The other was given up for adoption (by the mom whose baby hadn’t survived). So for 49 years, a mother didn’t realize her baby girl was alive and out there. Meanwhile, her daughter, who lost her hearing after an early childhood illness, grew up believing her birth mom had given her away.

For years, she always told her children she wanted to meet her birth mom some day. Anyway, after much investigation, her children eventually found their grandmother and surprised their mom in the video below. They got their newly discovered grandmother on Skype and blindfolded their mom and brought her into the bedroom with the laptop. It takes a bit for their mom to understand, but her reaction is really quite touching once the news registers with her.

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