Video of Mt Everest Base Camp hit by Avalanche

Published On April 27, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

The death toll from Saturday’s (August 25th) 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal passed 3,300 Monday, with rescue workers still struggling to reach mountain villages where the number of dead is unknown. The powerful quake also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest that buried part of a base camp where people were readying for their climbs up the mountain, killing at least 18 of them. The earthquake, the worst to hit Nepal in more than 80 years, destroyed some of the older parts of the capital city of Kathmandu, although many of the more modern structures survived.  Canada is among the countries sending support, including more than $5 million in aid.

This frightening video was taken by a German climber showing the avalanche hitting the base camp on Mount Everest.

****CONTAINS PROFANITY*** (Not safe for work)

Want to help?


UNICEF Canada has set up a fund for life-saving supplies and services.

Canadian Red Cross
The Canadian Red Cross says it has people on the ground in Nepal to treat those injured in the earthquake.

CARE Canada
CARE Canada has more than 150 staff in Nepal to help survivors find access to food, water and shelter, the relief agency. CARE workers are building temporary shelters, providing ready-to-eat meals, setting up toilets and purifying water for those displaced by the quake.



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