Look What This Teacher Did for a Bullied Student

Published On May 25, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

This teacher’s mix of spontaneity and compassion deserves an A+. Check it out…

Fourth grade student Matthew Finney of Winlock Elementary in Washington, got a hair cut the other day. His parents gave him a buzz cut for the hot summer weather… and he hated it. He was so embarrassed, that he wore a hat to school. But that didn’t stop his classmates from making fun of his shaved head. That’s when his teacher, Tori Nelson, found him crying outside his classroom. After hearing the story, she came up with a great idea. The teacher let the young boy shave her head in front of all his classmates so he wouldn’t feel alone. “Make fun of him, you make fun of me.” Matthew says nobody teased him after that.

winlock school pic



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