Canadians Who Vacation Pee in Pools but Rarely Cheat

Published On June 24, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

Read the details of a new survey of the world’s top travelling nations…

“Travel Zoo” has conducted a survey on vacationers from around the world. They surveyed nearly 10 thousand travellers from the top 5 travelling nations: Canada, the US, the UK, China and Germany. Some of the questions were just funny and it’s interesting to see where Canada placed.

For example:

Canadians were 2nd most likely (58%) to have peed in a public pool, behind Americans (64%). China was last.

Canadians are most likely to claim a hotel or beach lounge chair by leaving something like a towel on it. 64%. Brits and Germans ranked last.

Canadians 2nd most likely to stocking up on hotel toiletries, slippers or robes (63%.) Americans were tops (69%.) Only 20% of Germans do this.

Canadians ranked second for planning vacation while AT WORK!
64%. Interestingly, 70% of Chinese do this. Germans were least likely.

Also, interestingly, Germans were mostly like to fake a vacation tan by going into a salon before returning to work. Canadians ranked 4th.

While 24% of American lead the way when it comes to calling into work “sick” to get an extra day of vacation, Canadians and Chinese were 2nd (16%)

But here’s some good news:

Only 2 per cent of Canadians have cheated on a partner while on vacation (the lowest). 10% of Germans however say they’ve gotten a little extra lovin’ while on a trip.


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