Now THAT’S a Successful Lemonade Stand

Published On June 30, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

Summer is off to a pretty sweet start for one Ohio girl, thanks to one of her local police officers. Read on…

Gabrielle Garcar from Ohio really wanted an iPad. So she unlike a lot of kids nowadays, she could have just waited for mom and dad to give her one. Or she could take matters into her own hands and raise money the old fashioned way: by setting up a lemonade stand! So she did. That’s when Officer Ropos spotted her and pulled over. He gave her $3 (way above the 50 cents she was charging for a glass). When he found out she was raising money for an iPad but had only managed to raise a few dollars, he decided to go home and fetch his old one to give to her. But when he plugged it in, it was’t working. He could have left it at that but, of course, he didn’t. He went to the store and bought her a new one, and returned to the lemonade stand to surprise her! How cool is that?

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