You Won’t Believe Why This Driver Was Cited

Published On June 2, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

Unbeelievable! Check it out…

My 6 yr old daughter has very little fear of most insects and other crawly creatures. She can pick up almost anything creepy crawly without squirming. But like her father, she has developed a ridiculous fear of spiders… and bees! I believe her fear started the day I buckled her in the car 3 years ago and got in the driver’s seat, only to realize I was surrounded by bees that had somehow nested in the vehicle.
I ran out 10 feet from the car screaming like a 3 year old, only to realize I had to run back and rescue my daughter from the backseat (who in turn was crying, frightened  by daddy’s own reaction. ) So yeah, not my proudest dadddy moment.
Which is why I find this story incredible….
A motorist was pulled over on Interstate 90 near Missoula, Montana, recently with thousands of bees in his car. The driver told police they were harmless “Russian Honey Bees.” After checking with the official state beekeeper (who knew?), they found out it was not illegal to transport the bees this way across state lines, although not the safest. ‘Cuz, you know. There are THOUSANDS OF BEES IN YOUR FACE! He was cited for  “careless driving.”
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