Dog Retirement Homes

Published On July 26, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

Check out this heart wrenching video. Would you put your dog in a retirement  home?

The most difficult decision a pet owner can make when their furry friend is suffering from an incurable and painful illness, or just the affects of severe aging, is whether or not to take that one last trip to the vet. But retirement homes are popping up now for aging dogs and cats who require more care than the average working person can provide. See what the wonderful people at one such home are doing to make the final years of some aging pooches as enjoyable as possible.

If you found out your dog was going blind or could no longer walk properly, would you send them off to a “retirement home” if you could? Continue to look after them yourself? Or take that one last trip to the vet for fear that they were no longer enjoying true quality of life?

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