Scientists Blame Wobbly Chairs and Tables for Unstable Relationships

Published On July 13, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

No, I’m not kidding! Read on…

People  sitting on wonky chairs – or at wobbly tables – are more likely to think their relationships are in trouble, scientists have found.

If you feel like your relationship isn’t ‘on strong footing’ or ‘solid as a rock’, it may be because your kitchen table and chairs aren’t, either! Or desk, or office chair…

According to scientific research inspired by stats that reveal people in Earthquakes are at greater risk of breaking up, psychologists from the universities of Pittsburgh and Waterloo have studied several couples and concluded that dealing with physical instabilities creates the mental perception that everything in life, including their relationships, are also unstable and unlikely to last!

So if you’re having doubts about your relationship, check your kitchen table. And if its wobbly, put a book under one leg. It could save you a fortune in marriage counselling! lol

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