Did the Ice Bucket Challenge Work?

Published On August 21, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

Researchers say they’ve had  a MAJOR breakthrough, and credit the Ice Bucket Challenge! Read on…

A lot of people got tired of hearing about it. A lot of people did it just so they could post a video. People were often very creative though. I did it with the fire dept, wearing a snorkel. That was a terrible idea. I nearly drowned from water going down the snorkel.

But most importantly,  last year’s global ice bucket challenge raised over $100 million. Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins University  think they’re about to find a cure!

In a study published this month, reserachers said they’ve finally figured out how a protein (called TDP-43) might be responsible for the disease. They say they were able to do the research because of the money raised from Ice Bucket Challenge donations.

Basically, the protein clumps up inside the neurons of people with ALS, as well as 45% of people with a type of dementia called FTD, but scientists didn’t know why it mattered. Now they do. Next step is find out how to stop it from happening. That could still be years away, mind you, but this research marks a significant milestone and a huge hurdle. They believe this will eventually lead to a treatment, and potentially a cure. See their announcement below…

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