Best/Worst Excuses to Give the Boss When Calling into Work

Published On September 9, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

Which illnesses does your boss take seriously and which are the least likely they’ll  believe or accept? Check it out…

Sometimes you have to call into work and take the day off. Sometimes relatives are in from out of town. Sometimes you’re having a bad hair day. Sometimes you’re trying to extend a vacation. And yes, sometimes, you’re actually sick. Of course, “sickness” is almost always the excuse given,  no matter what. And that’s good, because a new study finds that’s the only excuse that most bosses will deem a good excuse to miss work. But even then, not all illnesses are believe or deemed worthy of of the effort they’ll have to go through to work short-handed or to find a fill-in.

Here then, are the best and worst excuses to give your boss for having to call in sick, ranked by the % of employers who deem the excuse as believable and acceptable…

sick excuses

A few things stand out: The flu is way better than the common cold. Migraines are greatly misunderstood. And judging by the percentages, there really isn’t ANY good reason to call into work in the opinion of most managers.

Have you ever been caught “faking it” after having called in sick?

Have you ever caught an employee faking an illness after calling in sick?

Tell us about it!

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