New Doll Teaches “The Change” to Young Girls

Published On September 23, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

The birds and the bees talk is hard enough. But when you have a daughter, there’s another talk that’s inevitable. Now there’s a doll to help you with it! Read on…

I remember when my sons were hitting puberty and I realized it was going to be left up to me to discuss various biology-related “growing up” matters with them on my own. I tried to take a real “school” approach to alleviate some of the uncomfortable-ness of it all. I found educational videos, cartoons, showed diagrams, etc, and managed to get through it, while feeling like I had fulfilled my parental duty. I was no longer worried about them getting wrong information from friends, TV, etc.

But when my baby girl was born 6 years ago,  I tried envisioning those same eventual talks and, if I am to be honest, I was suddenly struck with fear. While I was- and am- confident in my abilities as a parent to have those talks if it came down to it, I’ll admit that I was a bit relieved when my wife reassured me that our daughter would probably prefer to talk to mom about “it” anyway.

Make no mistake, I’ll always be there for my daughter, no matter what she wants to talk about, and I will always do the best job I can to educate and reassure her. But there’s an obvious relate-ability that mom can lay claim to that I can’t about certain things.

All of that said…

You may have heard of Lamilly (see top image). It’s the doll that has more realistic proportions than Barbie and comes with blemishes and other things you might see on “real” women who aren’t Barbie-perfect. It’s in the news again this week because now you can buy an add-on kit that teaches girls about… their menstruation cycle. Yup.

Here’s the commercial.


What do you think of this doll add-on?

Was the commercial funny or weird?

Was dad ever involved in your talk when the time came?


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