How a Wrong Text Led to Marriage

Published On October 2, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

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A recently married St. Louis couple has quite the story to share. In June 2012, 53yr old Kasey Bergh thought she was sending a text message to a co-worker:

“Hey, it’s Kasey. I was supposed to connect w Maria @ the park but her plane was delayed so I’m at the Westin. Wanted to see if I could connect w anyone else.”

23yr old Henry Glendening, a complete stranger, was on the other end of the errant text message. Instead of ignoring the text message, Glendening responded:

“Sorry you’ve got the wrong number. But if i wasnt headed to work i’d b down to hang ;)”


And that’s how the conversation started. That conversation led to a date. And that date has now led to marriage!

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While waiting for my wife in the parking lot, I once had a message from a stranger telling me to get to the store because mulch was on sale. I ended up having a delightful 5 minute conversation about

Have you ever been part of an accidental text conversation with a stranger? Tell us about it!


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