How Christmas Shopping Brings Out the Worst In Us

Published On November 10, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

In a recent online survey, 23% of us said they would behave unethically to score the last hot holiday gift on the shelf. How unethical? Read the shocking results…

Christmas displays are up at many stores! Let the madness begin!

According to a new study, while some students and retirees said they would play dirty to avoid the temper tantrums or cold shoulders they might experience upon returning home empty-handed without the “must have” Christmas item their kids want, parents with children under 18 tended to be the most unscrupulous shoppers of all!

In a survey of over 2000 people, they discovered the lengths to which parents (vs non-parents) would go through to snag the last hot gift:

•    17 percent of parents (versus 8 percent of non-parents) would lie to other shoppers with a sad story.
•    16 percent (versus 8 percent) would cut in line.
•    16 percent (versus 5 percent) would pretend to be a store clerk and “claim” the item.
•    8 percent (versus 3 percent) would knock down an adult.
•    8 percent (versus 2 percent) would push a child over.
•    7 percent (versus 2 percent) would trip an elderly person.

As for the gifts that would lead an otherwise sane person to push a child over, 36 percent of respondents said smartphone shortages would cause the biggest problems. About 30 percent say the worst headaches will stem from shortages of video games such as “Guitar Hero Live,” “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” and “Star Wars Battlefront.” And roughly a quarter predicted that “Star Wars” toys would cause the biggest disturbance in the force.

What lengths have you gone through to get a “must get” gift?
What’s the rudest thing you’ve ever experienced from a fellow Christmas shopper?

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