Some Things “Should” Stay In Vegas

Published On January 6, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show is on in Vegas this weekend.  If you think your idea is silly, check these out…..

  • iGrow helmet – blasts your scalp with a combination of lasers and LEDs, in an attempt to stimulate hair growth
  • Smarter Fridge Cam – a remote camera that sits inside your fridge and takes a pic every time you close the door, so you’ll always know what’s in there and how much is left when you check your phone
  • Anti-Pollution Scarf – the scarf measures the quality of air and sends you a notice when you’re entering a polluted area prompting you to cover your nose and mouth with the scarf
  • Connected Hairbrush – the brush spots hair damage and tells you how to better protect your hair, including changes to your brushing technique

There’s also a TV that rolls up like a newspaper and a bed that warms your feet to help you fall asleep faster

So you see, no idea is a dumb idea



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