Don’t Be Late

Published On March 10, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

Remember the extra hour of sleep we got in the fall? Well it’s payback time.This weekend we go to Daylight Saving Time.

Fun facts-

  • yes it’s saving, no “s”
  • the change can affect the health of people and disturbs their sleep patterns by making them more restless at night (okay maybe that’s not a FUN fact)
  • there’s a greater risk of strokes (this is definitely  NOT A FUN FACT)
  • number of car accidents increase after a time change, whether it’s forward or back (there’s insurance for this)

The good news is, we’ll have more light in the evening. TV programmers hate it cause that means people will probably spend more time doing things outdoors…away from the TV.  American Idol received historic low ratings in 2009 immediately following the spring time change.

Twins born close to the 2am mark could have their birth order switched, on paper. One twin could be born at 1:55am and the other 20 minutes later at 1:15am because of the time change in between. Now that’s a fun fact that’ll last a lifetime.

The 2am switchover time was chosen because that’s when the fewest trains were running, causing the least disruption.

Now, you’ll be able to sleep better knowing these facts.



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