Find Out If Your Co-Workers Think You’re Unprofessional

Published On April 10, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

If you do any of these things, some of your co-workers will think you’re unprofessional….
– Showing up late or calling in sick… a lot. Your boss isn’t the only one who notices. Everyone will and they will talk

– Complaining about every little thing. Whether it’s work-related or not

– Asking too many questions. You’ll look incompetent and people will get sick of having to help you do your job

-Being messy…it could be your desk or not tidying up in the lunch room

-Being arrogant. Especially if you sound bossy and tell people how to do their job

-Bragging. Don’t do it in front of your co-workers all the time

-Not dressing up at work. A lot of jobs don’t require business attire , but you shouldn’t show up looking like a slob

Getting too personal. It’s easy to think of your co-workers as friends. But things like family problems and your sex life should be off limits…during office hours

Being loud while people around you are working. Especially if they’re on the phone

Swearing all the time. Even if the company is laid back about it


**If you do all of these things….maybe you should work from home ~ chrislukas









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