You Gave Me A Foam Tombstone Instead Of A Raise?

Published On April 19, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

We all want to make more money, right?  According to a survey, 66% of us would leave our job if we didn’t feel appreciated. More money is the way we want to be rewarded. More vacation days were a close second……and these gems…. These are actual things employees got from their employers-

  • An expired gift certificate
  • A large carving of a polar bear…boss was cleaning out the garage
  • A foam tombstone…boss was cleaning out the attic
  • A key to an executive washroom that didn’t exist
  • Socks…cause you can’t have too many
  • A small, custom-made statue that looked like the employee…boss’s kid took an art class
  • A plaque with a spelling error…in your name
  • Fresh meat from a hunting trip…mmm
  • A jacket that wasn’t even close to the right size…boss was cleaning out his closet
  • Coupons for a grocery store…boss doesn’t use coupons

But remember, it’s the thought that counts. Ryan and I are very grateful that Cordell showed his appreciation for our work by giving us a baggie of lentils that he got from the Hunter Brothers. ~chrislukas

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