Do You Eat Pizza With A Knife & Fork?

Published On May 16, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

I do.  Even at home I use utensils.  I also eat ribs with a knife and fork. Well, I start that way and then give up and pick ’em up. And so you know, I don’t have a cleanliness-neat freak thing going on. Here are ways people eat – 21% of people don’t peel their string cheese, they just bite the entire thing

14% eat ribs with a knife and fork…see, I’m not the only one

19% eat mac and cheese with a spoon…this make sense to me

18% eat pizza with a knife and fork

7% eat pizza crust first…yes, I do this so I can save the best part for last

5% don’t break apart Kit Kat bars and just take bites out of the entire thing…I feel I would be getting less..1 instead of 4

5% eat canned ravioli straight out of the can, cold…gross, not for me

1% eat their cereal with milk and ice cubes…this doesn’t make sense to me, is the milk hot?

But in the end, there are no rights and wrongs…just eat it.



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