A Little Boy Wants To Buy A TV For 40 Cents

Published On May 19, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

A 6 year old Australian boy wanted to buy his mom a TV for Mother’s Days but ended up going home in a police car…The boy is Raith. On Mother’s Day morning, his parents had no idea where he was. He just disappeared. They called the cops and everyone started looking for him. Turns out he used a broom handle to open a chain lock on his front door while his mom was in the shower. He rode is his bike 2 miles to a store…because he wanted to buy his mom a present.

He dragged a flat-screen TV to the register, and tried to buy it with all the money he had…which turned out to be 40 cents.

The manager realized the boy was alone and started walking him home.  When he saw the police helicopters flying around, he stopped at a store and called headquarters and they verified they were looking for Raith.

Luckily it was a happy ending. Apparently he crossed a major highway to get to the store.

Now, I wonder … if he had enough money to pay for the TV would they have let him walk out of the store alone?


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