13yr old Windsor Student’s Kind Gesture in Race

Published On June 16, 2017 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

Here’s a local feel-good story involving a young student’s selfless act at a track meet…

(Photo courtesy of Tristan’s step-dad, Jerry)

Listener Annette wrote to us and said:

I know you do Feel Good stories of the day. Here’s one that is local. Friend of mine, his step son was running a track and field race in Windsor. He was in 1st place. He noticed a [special needs] boy struggling to finish the race. He went back and ran with the boy and came in last place to help the child out. How amazing is that!

Well that is definitely a feel-good story. We gave 13yr old Tristan of Our Lady of Mt Carmel in Windsor a call to say “good job!” He told us that he had seen this same boy struggle in an earlier race and was quite sad and didn’t want to see that happen again…


As a reward for his random act of kindness, Windsor’s Country gave Tristan some movie passes and a McDonald’s gift card. Plus, the parents of the special needs child gave Tristan a plaque, thanking him for his kind gesture.

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