If You Do This At The Beach, You’re Annoying

Published On June 30, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

Expedia just released their annual survey on the most annoying things you can do at the beach this summer. And for the second year in row the number one thing is-

  • Leaving a bunch of trash behind, the seagulls can’t eat everything
  • Letting your kids run wild. When I’m at the beach I don’t want to feel like I should make sure they don’t drown because the parents aren’t paying attention
  • Throwing sand, who does this?
  • Getting drunk. Define drunk
  • Playing music too loud. Country music is acceptable
  • Invading someone’s space. Don’t put your towel down right next to a stranger, it’s weird
  • Being too loud in general, text instead
  • Taking too many photos, especially if strangers are in the background. I have a photo with NHLer Jaromir Jagr in the background on a beach in the Bahamas
  • Fishing where people are swimming,  I don’t need to get hooked
  • Staring at women in their bathing suits. You’ll look like a creep. And by the way if your hiding behind sunglasses, we know what you’re doing

The survey also found the number one thing we’re afraid of at the beach is having our stuff stolen. Number 2 is shark attacks. I think we’re okay on Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie~chrislukas


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