Life By The Numbers

Published On June 6, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

Looking for someone to marry? Do it by the time you’re 26. Someone looked at a bunch of scientific studies and came up with the age we’re best at doing things.According to statistics, here’s when we’re at our best for randoms things:

  • Learning a new language…your ability to do it peaks when you’re 7 or 8
  • Remembering people’s names…22 years old
  • Finding someone to marry…26
  • Running a marathon…28
  • Playing chess…31
  • Remembering people’s faces…31
  • Winning a Nobel Prize…40 years old, that’s when the average winner has done it
  • Making your peak salary at work…39 for women, 48 for men
  • Doing math in your head…50
  • Having a strong vocabulary…late 60s or early 70s

Our happiness level peaks at 23, and again at 69.  Looks like I’m a little late on most of the above…haha…~chrislukas

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