How Not To Get A Date

Published On June 2, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

Guys – if you want to get a date don’t wear the following, they are a turn-off on 1st datesAccording to a survey by the dating app Hater, guys who wear cargo shorts are the least likely men to get a date. The study finds women don’t want to see:


  • cargo shorts… unless you have a ton of cash,why do you need all those pockets
  • flip flops or sandals…feet, on a first date…yuck
  • muscle shirts or tank tops…especially when they’re too tight
  • backward baseball caps…this doesn’t really bother me, at least turn it around on the first date
  • athletic shorts as casual wear…are you going to play basketball or take me to the movies
  • dingy white t-shirts…get some bleach before you go out

So, don’t wear these for your profile pic.  Remember, 1st impressions count, so ditch these for the first few dates. You can surprise her with your fashion sense later in the relationship ~ chrislukas

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