Most Popular Fruits and Vegetables

Published On June 16, 2017 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

Check out the results of a major new survey asking people about their favourite fruits and vegetables. The results are a bit controversial…

And when we say the results are “controversial”, we mean only as controversial as a discussion about produce can get.

First, the survey found that strawberries are the most popular fruit. They just beat out bananas, pineapple and, finally, mango.

Controversy on the vegetable side though.

It feels like a decade ago, none of us had ever heard of kale.  Now it’s everywhere.  But just because it’s popular, that does NOT mean we have to like it.  Kind of like Justin Bieber. Kale finished dead last. Only 1% of people listed Kale as their favourite vegetable.

So what’s the controversy? Two non-vegetables made the top 10. Tomatoes and mushrooms.   Now, even though they’re technically fruit, we can maybe let tomatoes slide.  But mushrooms aren’t vegetables or fruits. They’re not even plants. They’re fungus.

1.  Broccoli.
2.  Corn.
3.  Tomatoes.
4.  Mushrooms.
5.  Carrots.
6.  Peas.
7.  Brussels sprouts.
8.  Cauliflower.
9.  Asparagus.
10.  Green beans.

By the way, the Greenhouse competitions are at the Leamington Fair this weekend. Come by and judge all the locally grown tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. I’ll be there Sat night (June 17) at 7pm for the results.


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