The Bride & Groom Want A Lawnmower

Published On July 7, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

The wedding season is in full swing. I thought I’d help you out with the gift. Here are a few things couples say they wish they had put on their wedding registry.

Here’s what couples WISHED they had asked for:

  • Extra set of nice sheets, you can’t have too many of these
  • Tools, you know… to assemble the stuff they get
  • Outdoor items, like a grill, tent and other gear if they’re into camping or one of them plans on spending a night or two in the doghouse…I mean tent
  • Picture frames and photo albums, couples find they want to display a few pictures from their wedding day
  • Stuff for the honeymoon, such as nice luggage or good walking shoes. Seriously, who would buy shoes as a wedding present?
  • Experiences, like gift cards to their favourite restaurant or the movies for date nights
  • And finally, stuff for the yard. Many wedding presents are focused on the inside of the house. But if they have a yard or garden, things like a lawnmower, leaf blower or goat can come in handy

Don’t feel comfortable or sure about buying anything from this list?  Go with cash, and they can buy their own goat for the yard ~ chrislukas

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