So, I Went To The Dentist And I Lied

Published On July 4, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

At a check up and cleaning last week, the hygienist asked if I flossed regularly. I said yes I do, but don’t ask me anymore questions ’cause I find it hard to answer with stuff in my mouth. Am I the only one who lies? I think not.Here are the results from a new survey by Buzzfeed:

  • 65% of people brush their teeth twice a day…28% do it once…6% do it at least three times…and 1% of people don’t brush their teeth ( I think I’ve met these people)
  • 73% use a manual toothbrush, 27% use electric
  • 51% of people brush their teeth before breakfast
  • 66% use mouthwash at least once in awhile, 34% never use it
  • 86% have never used a tongue scraper
  • 51% swear they floss, 22% lie about flossing and 27% admit they don’t floss

Now, say cheese and hope you don’t food in your teeth ~ chrislukas

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