How to Avoid a Ticket

Published On August 17, 2017 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

Check out these tips from police officers…


A cop is under no obligation to show leniency when a ticket is deserved. But according to a poll of police officers, there are certain things people can do to reduce the chances of getting a ticket once they’re pulled over:

  1. Don’t bribe or flirt. Yes, flirting can work on a few. But far more cops find it insulting and it will guarantee a ticket where they might otherwise have let you off with a warning anyway
  2. When you see a cop, wave! He will either think that you know each other and wave back or will think you’re acknowledging you were driving too fast and are letting him know you’re slowing down
  3. Sometimes admitting guilt quickly and apologizing will help, but with other cops, they may feel obligated to give you a ticket once you’ve admitted guilt. So you can apologize, but stay neutral about guilt and certainly don’t argue.
  4. Don’t appear threatening in ANY way!
    a) Keep your hands on the wheel the entire time. Makes you less frightening.
    b) Turn on your dome light if it’s a nighttime pull over so they can see you clearly. It shows respect and courtesy
    c) Don’t stare at them in your mirrors before or after interaction at your car. It makes you look suspicious
    d) Try to have your license before they get to the car. Ask permission before reaching inside your clothing for a wallet
  5. Keep your registration and insurance easily accessible. The longer it takes to find it, the better your chances of getting a ticket
  6. Don’t be afraid to politely and HUMBLY ask for a warning instead of a ticket. They may still give you one but politeness and courtesy goes a long way

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