How To Be More Exciting

Published On September 7, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

A new survey asked people what age they were most exciting, and the average answer was 27. They also asked when they were the most boring and they said 37. Here’s what you you need to do to be more exciting…

  • Staying out super late on a work night…you know… after the streetlights have come on
  • Trying a new hobby
  • Making new friends…probably the younger the better
  • Booking a spontaneous trip
  • Learning a new skill
  • Making a surprise visit to a friend
  • Changing jobs…you may have to if you stay out too late on a work night
  • Going on a spontaneous shopping trip…I’m all for this but my bank account is not
  • Asking someone out
  • Trying a new sport


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