Positive Stories of People Helping People After Hurricane Harvey

Published On September 1, 2017 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

Check out some amazing stories of people helping each other out when they needed help the most in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey…

Windsor had the worst flood in its history this week. But as bad as it was, it still pales next to what’s happened to Houston and region. But in the face of disaster comes inspiration. Here are just some of the stories from this week…

1.  CNN’s Drew Griffin was reporting from Beaumont, Texas yesterday morning when a guy drove into a ditch filled with 10 or 12 feet of water, and his truck started floating away.  But Drew and another guy ran over and pulled him out.  Then he talked to them on live TV right afterward and thanked them for saving his life.

2.  There’s also a new video from Tuesday, of an elderly guy in Houston being swept away in his SUV.  But about 20 people formed a HUMAN CHAIN to get to him.  They got him to a hospital where he was reunited with his son.


3.  A 44-year-old woman who works at an animal hospital in Houston saved over a dozen dogs that got left behind in her neighborhood this week.  She has four of her own, and was also dog-sitting when the storm hit.  She ended up trapped in her attic with 21 DOGS.  But a few guys with a boat rescued her, and also got the dogs out.

4.  A dog named Rocket that was scheduled to be put down at a shelter in California five years ago got trained for search-and-rescue instead.  And he’s been helping first responders in Houston.

5.  Another brewery stopped making beer to bottle drinking water instead.  Oskar Blues makes Dale’s Pale Ale and a few other beers.  They’re sending about 90,000 cans of fresh water to the Houston area.  We’d already heard the makers of Budweiser and Miller Lite were doing the same.

6.  At least a dozen mosques in the Houston area have opened their doors to flood victims.  So they’re now makeshift shelters for people who can’t go home.

7.  The George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston is the biggest shelter people are going to.  Over 9,000 people have been staying there.  And a guy dressed as Spider-Man showed up on Tuesday.  So it was a nice distraction for some of the kids.

8.  A surgeon in Houston left his house while it was flooding the other day when he heard a 16-year-old kid needed a major surgery, and he was the only one who could do it.  He drove part of the way to the hospital.  Then he hopped in a canoe with two firefighters, and walked the last MILE in waist-deep water to get there.

9.  An older couple in Houston was trapped in their house.  So they called Chick-fil-A Monday morning, and asked for two breakfast burritos and a BOAT.  The restaurant was closed because of the flood.  But the manager was there checking on the place . . . and ended up getting them rescued on a jet ski.  (Here they are reuniting the next day.)

10.  Seven employees at a Mexican bakery in Houston were trapped at work for two days this week.  And they knew people would need food, so they baked THOUSANDS of loaves of bread, and handed them out to shelters around the city when they got out.

11.  The manager of a Pizza Hut in Sugar Land, Texas found out people were running out of food.  So she and her employees used kayaks to deliver over 120 FREE PIZZAS.  And she says they’ll keep doing it until their store runs out of supplies.

12.  A 23-year-old guy near Beaumont, Texas found out it might be several days before his family and neighbors got airlifted out by helicopter.  So he and his uncle went around with a boat and rescued about 50 people, including several babies.

13.  And a lot of livestock have been stranded.  So a group near Houston has been going around rescuing animals on horseback.  There’s a Facebook video where they find a horse stuck in its pen in about 5 feet of water and get it out.

All animals were saved

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