The Biggest Fashion Turn-Offs For Women and Men

Published On November 9, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

Women in their 20’s don’t like it when a man wears a fedora…here’s more…Here’s what WOMEN hate the most on men:

Teenage girls don’t like it when boys wear New Balance Shoes

Women in their 20s dislike guys who wear a Fedora

Ladies in their 40s don’t think skinny ties are a good look for guys

Women in their 50s don’t want to see guys wearing track pants or jogging pants

Here’s what MEN hate the most on women:

Teenage boys don’t like it when a girl wears a turtleneck

Men in their 20s dislike Henna tattoos

Men in their 30s hate the dog filter on Snapchat

Men in their 40s do not want to see women wearing leopard print

Men in their 50s really hate it when they see too much makeup on a woman


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