Candy Isn’t The Worst Food For Your Teeth

Published On November 2, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

If you have left over Halloween candy, you probably don’t want to tell your kids…that there are worse foods for your teeth than candy. Sugar itself doesn’t cause cavities, acid does. The bacteria in your mouth basically eats the sugar…excretes the acid…and that’s what breaks down your enamel. Here are some foods worse than candy-

Crackers and bread- things like Cheez-Its, Goldfish and Saltines are made of simple starch, which turns into sugar really fast. And they get stuck in your teeth, so the bacteria has even more time to turn that sugar into acid.

Dried fruit- It’s as bad as candy because it basically IS candy. It’s stickier than most candy is, so it’s stays on your teeth longer.

Grapefruit-There’s sugar in it, and it’s naturally very acidic. Lemons, limes, cranberries and grapes are really acidic too. Oranges aren’t as bad.

Coffee- A lot of acid and it stains your teeth

Diet soda- It’s worse than regular soda because they add phosphoric acid to make it tangy. So even without sugar, there’s more acid to weaken your enamel.

And whatever you do…don’t tell your kids what I’m about to pass along. A Dentist in Boston says you should eat ALL of your Halloween candy in one sitting. She says that will be better for your teeth than spreading it out over days or weeks and eating sugar every day. But is you choose to spread it out, her advice is to brush your teeth after every treat.

Guess what I brought for lunch today? Soup and CRACKERS and no toothbrush ~ chrislukas


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