You Know You Have Too Much Money When…

Published On November 7, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

you can buy this ball of yarn for $9,000.Tiffany’s is selling what they call “ordinary objects” for Christmas this year. Here are just a few examples-

  • $350 sterling silver bendy straw…cause who doesn’t need one
  • $1,000 empty tin can
  • $650 pair of ping pong paddled…how much is the ping pong table?
  • $10,000 fake silver bird’s nest with three blue porcelain eggs…well, it comes with the eggs so I can justify that
  • $1,950 flask shaped like a fish…hope the flask is full
  • $1,500 set of 10 Lego pieces
  • $9,000 ball of silver yarn…wait til your cat gets a hold of it

Let me know if you receive any of these “ordinary objects” ~ chrislukas

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