Weird Things That’ll Make You More Attractive

Published On November 29, 2017 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

If you are wearing red and meeting up with someone who is hungry, chances are they will be attracted to you…This study was published in Psychology Today.

1.  How old your parents were when they had you.  If they were over 30, you’re less likely to be drawn to someone with a “young” face.  For women, it applies for both parents.  If you’re a guy, only your mom’s age matters.


2.  Being a bad speller.  It comes into play a lot more now because of online dating.  In a survey last year, 72% of people said that if someone couldn’t pass a fifth-grade spelling bee, it might be a deal-breaker.


3.  Red clothing.  A study  found women are more attracted to guys in red, because they’re perceived as being more powerful.  And a bunch of research has shown that men like red too.


One study found that guys sat closer to women who wore red than women who wore blue.  And another study found you don’t even need to be WEARING it.  Guys even thought women were more attractive when they stood in front of a red background.


4.  If you’re a guy, how HUNGRY you are can matter.  A  study found that when guys were hungry, they were attracted to CURVIER women.  But it was temporary, and didn’t apply once they’d eaten something.

So, I guess we’re all attracted to Santa Claus…and it’s not just for the presents ~ chrislukas

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