Christmas Movies Or Not

Published On December 5, 2017 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings

Every year, certain movies cause debates as to whether they should be considered “Christmas” movies. Is Die Hard? Frozen? Home Alone? See how others responded in a poll and have your say…
According to the poll…

1.  “Die Hard”:  56% Christmas, 44% Not Christmas.

2.  “Home Alone”:  97% Christmas, 3% Not Christmas.

3.  “Gremlins”:  40% Christmas, 60% Not Christmas.

4.  “Frozen”:  22% Christmas, 78% Not Christmas.

5.  “Lethal Weapon”:  16% Christmas, 84% Not Christmas.

6.  “The Nightmare Before Christmas”:  78% Christmas, 22% Not Christmas.

7.  “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”:  15% Christmas, 85% Not Christmas.

8.  “Edward Scissorhands”:  20% Christmas, 80% Not Christmas.

9.  “Batman Returns”:  12% Christmas, 88% Not Christmas.

10.  “Eyes Wide Shut”:  5% Christmas, 95% Not Christmas.

But we want to know what Windsor’s Country listeners think! Tell us below…

Here are some movies that some consider to be "Christmas" movies, while others do not. Which of these do YOU feel are "Christmas movies." Pick all that apply.

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