Man Makes 81yr Old Grandfather Cry

Published On January 15, 2018 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

There’s a guy in Louisville, Kentucky named Cam who says his best friend is his 81-year-old grandfather, Fred. Check out what Cam did for his grandfather’s birthday…

They’ve been close ever since Cam was a kid, and Fred got him into cars and drag racing.  So last year, Cam came up with a surprise for Fred’s 81st birthday . . . and secretly started restoring his old car.

It’s a 1957 Chevy Bel Air that was pretty much worthless when he started on it.  The whole thing was rusted out and didn’t even have a front end.  The last time anyone drove it was over 40 years ago, way back in 1976.

Cam spent all his spare time working on it last year, and got it looking brand new again.  Then he surprised Fred with it on his 81st birthday.  And his grandfather’s reaction was even better than he expected.

When he saw it, he was so blown away that he stumbled backwards, and almost looked like he might fall.  Then he started crying, and Cam teared up too.

Now that it’s restored, and Cam has some free time, he says the plan is to hit as many classic car shows with his grandfather as possible this year.


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