If You Want Your Bartender To Fix A Drink….

Published On January 12, 2018 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

here are 10 things you shouldn’t do:Over 250 bartenders were asked to name the most annoying things customers do all the time-

1.  Asking for a free drink.  They might give you one now and then.  But never ask.

2.  Whistling to get their attention.

3.  Asking them to “surprise” you when they ask what you want.

4.  Asking them to make your drink strong.

5.  Waving money at them to get their attention.

6.  Excessive conversation, especially if they’re busy.

7.  Trying to flirt with them.

8.  Ordering multiple drinks, one at a time.  Don’t order a beer, then make them go back to the fridge to grab another one for your friend.

9.  Ordering too many drinks for multiple people all at once.  It’s only helpful if you’re organized about it and know exactly what everyone wants.

10.  Not using a coaster, so the bar gets wet and they have to keep wiping it down.

The survey also asked them to name the top drink orders that make you look LAME.  The top five are an appletini . . . a Jägerbomb . . . any type of frozen drink . . . a Sex on the Beach . . . and an Irish car bomb.

Bottom line… for a bottom-less drink…be polite and patient. If you can’t be …tip extremely well ~ chrislukas


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