Would You Dump Your Partner For A Raise?

Published On April 5, 2018 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

A survey says 12% of people would dump their significant other for a 10% raise…

A new survey asked people what they’d be willing to give up in exchange for a 10% pay raise.


1.  56% would work an extra 10 hours per week for LIFE, and 50% would work six-day weeks for the next year. What?!?!?!? It’s not worth it.


2.  40% would give up all dental care, and 19% would go with no health insurance. This is getting crazy now.


3.  35% would give up their right to VOTE for life.  And 9% would give away their child’s right to vote for life. What is happening?


4.  12% would break up with their significant other. It’s out of control now.


5.  And 5% would eat a Tide Pod. This is the ONLY thing I would even consider doing.

It’s only 10%…not a million dollars. What is wrong with people. Better still, who are these people who were surveyed?


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