Would You be A Better Boss?

Published On April 17, 2018 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

A third of employees think they’d do a better job than their boss.

About 20% of us don’t think our boss is good at their job. According to the survey, here are the top ten complaints we have about our boss . . .


1.  They don’t communicate well.


2.  They’re inconsistent.


3.  They set their own rules.


4.  They don’t understand what their employees do.


5.  They’re incompetent.


6.  They’re patronizing.


7.  They set a bad example.


8.  They never say thank you.


9.  They say one thing, then do another.


10.  Mood swings.

This is wild…1 in 4 people look forward to their boss’s vacation MORE THAN their own. Why? They’re excited to go to work when the boss is not there.

Even if you agree with all of the above…please don’t let anyone know, especially your boss…or you will….you know…be in the unemployment line.

Now, if someone would let employees know what the boss thinks of them….never mind. ~ chrislukas

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