How To Avoid Handshakes

Published On June 27, 2018 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

We’re all germaphones these days. And to prove it, a new study says nearly 50% of us avoid handshakes because of germ concerns.
Here is an expert’s tips to avoid handshakes without insulting someone…

The key is distraction. Distract them before it gets to the handshake. The tips:

1. Act like you’re looking for something in a purse or backpack or inside pocket.

2. Pretend to be sick by faking a cough so the other person doesn’t want to initiate the handshake.

3. Pretend to get a phone call.

4. Pretend like you didn’t notice them at first and then act really surprised, so you appear flustered.

And if all else fails, offer them a fist or elbow bump.

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