How To Be Happy and Relaxed

Published On June 1, 2018 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

The average person has 432 moments of pure happiness a year, that’s about 8 a week. You’re most likely to feel happy and relaxed while you are…

  • hanging out on the couch or in bed with your significant other
  • being on vacation, or on your way to you destination
  • on a date, but only if you’re in a relationship…first dates are too stressful
  • at a friend’s barbecue, picnic or house party
  • when you’re outside walking your dog…minus the picking up the poop part…haha
  • meeting friends for drinks or watching sports at a bar
  • a movie night with your kids
  • when you’re out shopping with a friend
  • playing video games
  • singing along to the radio, listening to Windsor’s Country of course


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