Are You Cool?

Published On July 5, 2018 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

If you want to keep up with “cool” trends in 2018, here’s what you should be doing:

1.  Reusing coffee cups and water bottles.


2.  Maintain a balanced diet.


3.  Stay in instead of going out.  Also, dinner parties made the list.


4.  Work from home.


5.  Know how to cook things from scratch.


6.  Cut back on your drinking.


7.  Cycle.


8.  Eat Avocados.


9.  Help your family.


10. Use an Android phone.



A few things that are STILL cool according to the survey include tattoos, beards, pizza, and being a fan of things from ‘before your time.”  People said the “coolest” decade right now is the 1980s.

Hey, I love the TV The Goldbergs….so I MUST be cool….right? ~ chrislukas

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