Country Songs To Sing To Your Ex

Published On July 9, 2018 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

Did someone hurt you? Here are the top 10 songs to put them in their place-

1.  “How Do You Like Me Now”Toby Keith.    “He never comes home and you’re always alone, and your kids hear you cry down the hall.  Alarm clock starts ringin’ who could that be singin’?  It’s me baby . . . with your wake-up call.”



2.  “Fist City”Loretta Lynn.  “The man I love, when he picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage can.  And that’s what you look like to me.”



3.  “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey”Cole Swindell.   “I won’t waste a dime or the bartenders time, trying to catch a buzz over the thought of us.”



4.  “Red High Heels”Kellie Pickler.   “You can watch me walk if you want to . . . I’m about to show you just how missin’ me feels, in my red high heels.”



5.  “Kiss This”Aaron Tippin.   “Pucker up and close your eyes, and kiss this . . . and I don’t mean on my rosy red lips.”



6.  “Only Prettier”Miranda Lambert.  “I’ll keep drinkin’ and you’ll keep gettin’ skinnier.  I’m just like you . . . only prettier.”



7.  “Love You”Jack Ingram.    “I’m sick and lovin’ tired of all your lovin’ around.  There’s only one four-letter word that’ll do . . . love you.”



8.  “How Am I Doin”Dierks Bentley.  “Now that we’re done, I’m gettin’ right every night, with every single ever-lovin’ girl in sight.”



9.  “Just Another Girl”Kip Moore.  “I’m just another boy in another band.  You’re just another girl I put in a song.”



10.  “Mean”Taylor Swift.  She should have her own top ten, that’s her thing.

Happy Singing ~ chrislukas

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