Making Your Bed=More Intamacy

Published On September 14, 2018 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

Here’s why you should make your bed everyday:


A new poll looked at the differences between bed makers and non-bed makers.  Here are six stats from the survey . . .



1.  Bed-makers have more SEX.  About three times a week on average, compared to twice a week for people who don’t make their bed every day.



2.  Bed-makers have more friends.  They were more likely to say they have three or more close friends.



3.  Bed-makers are more likely to say they’re a “morning person,” and less likely to hit the snooze button.  On average, they wake up 16 minutes earlier.



4.  If you like rock music and watch “Seinfeld” , you’re more likely to be a NON-bed maker.  Bed-makers enjoy jazz more, and watch shows like “House Hunters.”



5.  People who make their bed tend to describe themselves as adventurous, confident, sociable, and high-maintenance.  People who don’t make their bed are more likely to say they’re shy, moody, curious, and sarcastic.



6.  Bed-makers will JUDGE you for not making your bed.  42% said that if they were dating someone who didn’t make their bed, it would be a turn-off.

Now, go make your bed.

Sweet Dreams ~ chris lukas


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