Are You A Bad Neighbour?

Published On October 2, 2018 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

Here are the most annoying things neighbours do:

Have you ever had a really bad neighbour? Are you a bad neighbour? This is what bugs you the most:


1.  Loud music.


2.  Loud voices, specifically adults.


3.  Loud parties.


4.  Parking issues, like blocking your driveway.


5.  Loud pets, like a dog that won’t stop barking.


6.  Loud kids.


7.  Not cleaning up after their dog when it does its business.


8.  Being grumpy in general.


9.  Blasting their TV.


10.  Letting their trash overflow.


By the way, 54% of us have confronted a bad neighbour. I think I would if it kept me from sleeping. ~ chris lukas



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