No Thank You!

Published On November 19, 2018 | By clukas | Blogs, Middays

I DO NOT want to try the Magical Burger.

A burger place has a crazy new item called the Magical Burger.  It’s four patties and cheese with a rainbow bagel for a bun . . . banana ketchup aioli . . . and marshmallows with sprinkles on top.


It’s  in Anaheim, California called Ground House.  They just rolled out a new item called the Magical Burger.  Here’s what it’s got . . .


1.  Four burger patties with cheese.


2.  A RAINBOW BAGEL as the bun.


3.  Three aioli sauces, one of which is a BANANA KETCHUP aioli.


4.  Colourful MARSHMALLOWS.


5.  And rainbow sprinkles.


I don’t find this appealing at all. How about you?

~ chris lukas

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